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There is a great difference When developers try to build connections with players inside the in-game forum, they usually receive close to 10x the number of engagements and interactions in the same period of time but outside game platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter…


The developer has discovered a new way to combine data analytics and direct player feedback and build a better product, be quick and be accurate.

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The developer updated twice of their game by integrated KTPlay and with no major gameplay or content update between those versions and that is to say: the game community has made a big improvement by the result of 63% boost in 7 day player retention.


Developing the app-the party of the coding:Great Ideas plus Great Crew Members! Yes it is exciting…BUT, it is just a start
It’d be great if you can generate some radical ideas for running an app, not just the coding part : )


Pixelberry initially ran an A/B test with 50% of their players using KTplay, and 50% of players without the access button. After a mere 2 weeks of testing.. the results were shown as: 11% Boost in Addictiveness, 10% Boost in avg IAP Value and 4% Boost in Mean Session length.

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Developers want the users to enjoy their app as much as they enjoy it themselves. Most developers create apps or games because they have a personal reason for it, however, creating a great game and keeping it ‘great’ can be challenging if you aren’t able to address issues and make improvements based on what the users want. This is where KTPlay comes in.