Fruxe is an Urban Farming startup. We're on a mission to feed hungry city-dwellers high quality, locally grown, organic microgreens.

Considered SUPER FOODS, Microgreens are flavourful, nutrient-rich, young seedlings of various vegetables and herbs. These baby greens are naturally high in protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, anti-oxidants and contain few calories. When added to meals, Microgreens provide an additional nutritional punch and enhance the flavour profile of any dish.

Microgreens represent more than just the latest culinary consumer craze. They can also yield serious agricultural dividends and are ideally suited for urban vertical farming.



All our produce is grown pest and pollution free in a clean, controlled environment, 365 days a year.

Perfect conditions make for perfect produce. Our stacked vertical farm utilizes a controlled microclimate, providing the precise amount of water, nutrients, CO2 and light for growing abundant and nutrient-rich microgreens.

Using an array of cameras and sensors, our farm monitors and records the life-cycle of each tray of microgreens, ensuring optimum growth and freshness. From there, all of this data is crunched and analyzed by our back-end to enhance the performance of future harvests and help us to continually improve our product.