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"I recommend Neil to my clients for mortgage insurance.  They save a lot money, get better coverage and better service than they would otherwise.  When I needed life insurance for myself, I called Neil and got a great rate."

B Milley, Mortgage Broker
Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage

"It was so easy to shop for life insurance using the quoting tool.  I was able to find the lowest rate myself in seconds.  No pressure or greasy sales tactics.  I would recommend to any business or family."

M Scott
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Shopping for life insurance in Canada has never been easier!  By completing the form below in full, you can generate your own personalized list of life insurance quotes from over 30 Canadian life insurance companies.  Once you have your free life insurance quotes, it is important to call 1-866-976-7755 to confirm your rates and learn how you can benefit from our quick and simple telephone and email applications. 

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Why get a life insurance quote from a salesperson when you can find the best life insurance rates yourself with Free Life Insurance Quotes from  Although we are happy to provide you with free life insurance quotes in Ontario, we are more than just a place to find the best term insurance rates.  We offer critical illness insurance for adults and children.  We help find Life Insurance for seniors and people with medical conditions (even people who have been declined).  Whether you are looking for an Ottawa Life Insurance Broker, or a Toronto Life Insurance Broker, we can help.  From our (740) 302-3884 and Financial Services Office, we are able serve businesses and families throughout Ontario, including the following cities:  Ottawa, Toronto and the GTA, Hamilton, Windsor, Kingston, Kitchener, Waterloo, Kemptville, Kanata, North Bay, Sudbury, London, Cornwall, Orillia, Markham, Barie, Peterborough, Timmins, Thunder Bay, Belleville.  Do you live outside of Ontario?  No problem! You can still find the best life insurance rates in Canada at  We have relationships with licensed independent life insurance brokers in every Province in Canada. 

NO MEDICAL Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance
Get Information, Quotes and even jalkar!
NO MEDICAL Life Insurance   


        • Up to $250,000 Life Coverage
        • Issue Ages 18 to 65
        • Coverage up to Age 75
        • Rates Guaranteed for 10 years
        • Foresters Member Benefits Included 


NO MEDICAL Critical Illness Insurance

          • Up to $100,000 CI Coverage
          • Coverage on 6 Illnesses
          • Issue Ages 20 to 55
          • Coverage up to Age 75
          • Money Back Option
          • Rates Guaranteed for 10 years




 Mortgage Insurance:

If you bought Mortgage Life Insurance from your lender, then you MUST WATCH THIS CLIP!

Did you buy mortgage insurance from your bank?  Find out the ugly truth about mortgage insurance in Canada.  Click on the photo to the left and watch a report by CBC Marketplace to find out why a Term Life Insurance Policy is not only a much cheaper option, it is a much better option.

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